Black Dog Ride - Around Australia 2019

By Andrew Pearson

In Australia, it's estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety.

I have now lost 6 friends to the Black Dog. If what I can do saves even 1 life, then I feel I have made an impact.



On July 26th 2019, Black Dog Ride will be departing from Busselton WA, the original departure date and location in 2009.

Those who would love to join us but can't get the time off work or commit the funds are encouraged to join us on our State Rides, and Around Australia Riders will meet up with them during the lap of our nation.

The average daily distance is 500kms, with 5 rest days spread across the duration of the ride. Participants will be part of Black Dog Ride's community engagements with schools, community orgs, and local businesses.


Support our intrepid adventurers as they undertake a life changing journey to empower communities around Australia by shining a beacon of hope into the shadows to leash the black dog of depression.

All funds raised will be put into Black Dog Ride's Community Funding Pool to fund small grants across the nation for projects which lead to positive mental health outcomes in our communities.

As Black Dog Ride is a charity every donation over $2 is tax deductible, and funds raised will go into Black Dog Ride's community funding pool to fund mental health projects across the country.

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Osbourne Hotel Social Fishing Club Inc. 2019-09-20 17:15:50
Well done Andrew
Peter Dobson 2019-08-23 20:02:10
Joyce Edney 2019-07-30 23:20:46
Brian . 2019-07-30 23:18:11
Anonymous 2019-07-27 07:35:40
Kelly Hall 2019-07-26 10:47:13
All the best Andy! Keep safe.
Gregor Carr 2019-07-25 22:53:19
Skoots paintworx 2019-07-23 20:18:08
Rhon McLean 2019-07-23 19:56:37
Keep doing what you re doing! Curtis from the Full Moon
Curtis Sorby 2019-07-04 19:49:29
A great initiative for a worthwhile cause. Best of luck, Andy! Proud to be one of your Sponsors. Cheers! Toby Luci Black and the team at the Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate.
The Full Moon Hotel 2019-07-02 12:08:50
Jeff Wilson 2019-06-28 17:43:24
Nice work good on ya.
Damian Haslam 2019-06-28 13:04:06
Good on you Andrew. Look forward to reading your updates. Definately a great cause.
Janine Blatch 2019-06-28 06:31:11
Leonard Dittmar 2019-06-27 16:51:38
Keep up the fight
Anonymous 2019-06-26 14:10:07
Clyde Hall 2019-06-24 19:15:31
Speed safely!
Derek Morwood 2019-06-23 10:27:41
Well done and thank you for supporting others in need by signing up for this Black Dog Ride Andrew. Enjoy the ride! From all the crew at Network Solutions.
Network Solutions 2019-06-18 08:09:51
Such an important cause. Good on you Andrew!
Ingrid Blum 2019-06-18 07:58:14
Hey mate well done to a good cause!
Damien and Bulgaa Edwards 2019-06-18 07:25:23
Dane Barnier 2019-06-16 18:16:37
Good luck and stay upright!
Katrina Bray 2019-06-16 09:07:29
Hey Andrew, good luck on your quest for a noble cause mate. Enjoy the ride and have fun. Geoffro Karen, NSW.
Geoff Dupille 2019-06-15 17:26:53
Mark Bucknall 2019-06-04 17:41:29
Marine & RV Systems Australia 2019-06-04 10:39:04
Anonymous 2019-06-03 08:37:19
Tim Molloy 2019-06-03 08:35:45
Good luck with the fundraising!
Madman Marine Pty Ltd 2019-06-01 09:12:37
Raelene Hall 2019-05-26 22:56:37
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