Black Dog Ride Top End 2018

By Green Apples

Claire had the idea of joining this great cause to get the word out there and thought "Hey Dad, this would be a great once in a life time experience, we should do it together…. "

 Dad loved the idea of the adventure together and quickly jumped on board. The details of the distance and what was involved was given after his acceptance and I doubt he would have been as eager if he had known! But as always a man true to his word in his "go hard or go home" method set up to make sure this was something the father-daughter duo would surely never forget. 

Mental health and suicide is a subject close to home for Claire and after knowing at least half a dozen people in the last 18 months who had taken their own life or a direct family member of someone who had, she felt something more needed to be done. If that was a girl hopping on her motorbike to ride 4,500km to start a conversation then that's what she was going to do.

 Working in the agriculture industry and knowing people living in some of the remote parts of our state the pressure for them to just survive on the land takes an enormous toll on your health and relationships. Rather than the typical "Man up and get on with it" or "Shut up and just carry on" attitude some people have, it’s nice to think you can have someone to talk to if you are struggling. It also seems Aussies have the standard response when seeing someone of asking "How's it going?" but should someone ever answer truthfully if they are having a rough time it would be a shock because they might not be able to handle the honest truth. 

I believe that people needing to ask for help is only half the problem, take the time to look out for your friends and family, notice a change and ask them how they are REALLY going. You might find that one phone call or a cup of coffee and a chat could make all the difference to someone struggling. 

Please give any dollars you can spare to this very worthy cause and wish us luck !!

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