Ride to the topend

By Mark Martell

<p>&lt;p&gt;Many of us have been affected in someway or another by mental health and suicide. I'm under taking this journey to help promote awareness of such issues. It will be a massive challenge for myself. &lt;/p&gt;</p>

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go hard
Dean Lawson 2018-08-13 16:38:09
An amazing cause. You got this. X
Michelle Bazzocco 2018-08-12 17:46:02
Good on ya Mark for taking on the big ride mate! Only by challenging ourselves can we grow. Good luck!
Adrian Orr 2018-08-12 09:41:35
Well done you
Christine Sowerby 2018-08-11 16:50:17
Good onya Mark. Love your work.
Skye Andrews 2018-08-02 18:30:54
Derek Hanson 2018-08-02 09:49:43
Well done Mark. Such an important cause!
Debs Rowland 2018-08-01 13:15:03
Enjoy the ride!
Barry Martell 2018-07-25 10:49:23
Great job Mark! Jess and Mitch
Jess Hardie 2018-07-24 20:37:32
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