Roundys ride

By David Rounds

24 years ago our family lost a son, brother, husband, father, brother in law, son in law, nephew, cousin and great mate to suicide. This year myself and my cousin Jeff have the opportunity to participate in the Black Dog Ride.  We hope to raise much needed funds for this fantastic organisation.

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Great cause close to my heart. Ride on. Safely.
Robyn Whiteside 2017-08-19 21:33:02
Barbara M 2017-08-18 11:47:15
Leonie McGannon 2017-08-15 11:02:39
Great cause, keep the rubber side down.
Troy Palmer 2017-08-14 19:47:13
Well done and all the best. A support and inspiration for many.
Cecilia Jones 2017-08-11 16:54:42
Not that I have seen your family for years but I remember that time so vividly. What a wonderful experience David and beautiful tribute to your brother.
Angela Jones 2017-08-11 09:42:21
Good work dave!
Harrison Rounds 2017-08-11 07:27:39
Good onya Dave, hope you pass the target.
Loreano Tuccori 2017-08-09 21:34:58
Ride very carefully. X james and luki
Louisa Weatherly 2017-08-09 08:45:19
It 's a great cause. Have a great ride Roundsy.
David Rounds Earthworks 2017-08-08 09:22:44
Go well, Dave. Great idea! Julia Eugen x
Julia Croatto 2017-08-06 19:44:28
Congrats on your ride David a very worthwhile cause!
2017-08-05 19:18:23
Good luck with the ride
Murray Rounds 2017-08-05 15:12:45
Good luck Dave, we know this cause means so much to you. Have a great ride, stay safe. Russ Liz xx
Russell Blain 2017-08-04 20:57:18
Have fun for a good cause Dave. Hope you make the target
Pat ODonnell 2017-08-04 20:49:34
There is no way to turn back the clock and undo the undoable, so this fundraiser is a wonderful idea. It is such a positive way to acknowledge the sadness felt by those left behind and to ensure that no one else has to go through that horrible grief. Go Dave Rounds!
Louise Croatto 2017-08-04 19:33:06
Good luck Dave
Anne Olden 2017-08-04 19:09:01
All the best safe riding
Bill Valetic 2017-08-04 17:08:26
Have safe ride Dave for a great cause.
Val & Neil Thompson 2017-08-04 16:32:52
You 're a legend Dave! Such an awesome fundraiser, I hope you can reach your goal! X
Clare ODonnell 2017-08-04 15:57:16
Glad to support a great man supporting a very worthy cause. Well done Roundsy. Xx With love, The NT Govers mob
Govers Welding Service 2017-08-04 15:56:24
Good on you Dave, hope you have a great ride xo
Virginia Bolge 2017-08-04 15:47:28
Have a fantastic trip Dad. Something you have always wanted to do. Proud of you x
Grace Rounds 2017-08-04 02:12:31
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