Team Jefo

By Jeff Wiltshire

My Nephew took his life three years ago. A tragedy.

The pain and impact on our family is immeasurable.

I am honored to be involved with the magnificent people of the black dog ride.

This group is providing practical help for those with depression.

If you can please donate something  I know first hand it will provide practical help.

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What an amazing cause!! Xx
Amanda Marsh 2018-07-29 10:13:54
Good work Jefo, Have a great ride ! Cheers, Guy Di
GUIDO GROENEWEGEN 2017-11-01 09:41:02
Great cause Jeff, ride safely, Jan xx
Janet Williams 2017-10-24 16:43:07
Hope you have an excellent ride for such a worthwhile cause Jenny Ian
Jennifer Power 2017-10-23 13:09:57
Donald Wiltshire 2017-10-15 11:38:22
I 'm depressed that I 'm not going with you . . . Awesome adventure opportunity in Tasmania 's twisty bits in great company. Don 't suffer it too hard Jeff! Looking forward to our overdue ride together. Maybe you 'll be too knackered for another excursion for a while . . .
Paul Ainsworth 2017-10-14 17:22:49
Love you Dad! Xxox
Elizabeth Wiltshire 2017-10-13 07:52:37
Good on you Jeff enjoy the ride
Lloyd Collinson Plastering 2017-10-12 18:14:44
Thank you Jeff for doing this ride. Such a worthwhile cause. Safe travels. Cherie xx
Cherie Robinson 2017-10-11 20:37:37
Enjoy the ride, travel safe xx Raising awareness and start people talking
Cathie Borra 2017-10-11 16:48:20
Enjoy the ride! Sorry it 's not much.
Malcolm Ogden 2017-10-10 10:46:25
Jeff, Ride Safe and enjoy the trip
Mike Williams 2017-10-09 23:19:46
Have fun and stay safe, Jeffy.
Julia Wiltshire 2017-10-09 21:51:16
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