Top End - Black Dog Ride

By Craig Baird

SUICIDE is Australia's biggest killer.As many of you know I suffered a mental health injury (PTSD related Depressive Disorder) which has taken me to some dark and scary places. Thankfully with the support of my family I sought professional help. Over my journey I have had close family members and friends that have not been so fortunate and their illness has cost them their lives.

We embark on the ride as a tribute to those lost and to raise suicide awareness by sharing our stories to assist those suffering to start talking and seek help. If we can prevent one suicide from our efforts it will be a sucess.   Please donate as much as you can to this worthy cause.

Thank you!

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Anne-Marie Murphy 2018-05-15 11:17:14
Stay upright mate take care, have fun.
John Dillon 2018-05-07 08:42:09
Craig Baird
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