Workers need help too

By Deadly

I have been involved in doing the black dog since 2012 and have enjoyed being apart of fund raising and contributing to the need of people being effected by mental health. I as an indigenous person find this type of raising awareness not only effects Indigenous people but all people from all walks of life, they can be as young as toddlers to old age and it is just as much effecting people working in all different industries. The black dog ride campaign is to support the mental health kits for community programs to work with.

I am going to do this for the 6th year of being involved and would like to educate more communities as we ride through many of the regions to talk and show what the Black Dog is about.

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On behalf of the CPSU Victorian Branch we support Stephen Walsh and his team on this magnificent fundraising awareness campaign of Black Dog Ride. From Karen Batt and all staff at CPSU SPSF Group Victorian Branch.
CPSU/SPSF Group Victorian Branch 2018-05-29 09:34:01
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